10 health benefits of cobra pose

Practising yoga asana is an integral part of a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Asana is the effective method of grounding you and also help you to achieve that optimal state of health and wellbeing. It also prepares your body for meditation. Cobra pose or bhujangasanais a member of Surya namaskara and is one of the traditional yoga asanas that is referred in classical text of hatha yoga. In Sanskrit, the term bhujanga means snake or serpent and asana is referred to as a seat or pose. This invigorating backbend is named such a way that it resembles as a hooded cobra. Bhujangasana is one of the few yoga-asanas which give benefits to the entire body from head to toes. Cobra pose is a preparatory yoga pose that helps- your body to go into a deeper backbend. Bhujangasana has many therapeutic benefits and as you practice it step by step then you can reap several benefits from it.

Step by step guide to get into cobra pose

Start with the pose by lying flat on your belly keeping your legs extended and rest your top of feet on the mat. Place your hands underneath your shoulder and bring your palm near your chest. Now close your eyes and take a deep breath in and as you inhale lift your head, neck and upper torso off the mat. As you lift your torso off the floor feel the stability in your pelvis, thighs and tops of the feet. Stay in the pose for at least 5 to 10 minutes and breathe deeply.

 As you exhale release from the pose gently.  Make sure not to put your whole-body weight on your arms and do not fully straighten them if you feel uncomfortable. Do not curl your toes to avoid the crunching of the spine.

10 Health benefits of cobra pose

It relieves you from anxiety

In cobra pose your chest is lifted that open your heart that helps in releasing negative emotion and feeling. It opens the lungs that result in oxygenation of the body that further helps in stress reduction and relieves you from anxiety.

Good for digestion

Cobra pose plays a vital role in the health of abdominal muscles. As your lift your upper torso your body rest on your pelvis this vigorously massages the digestive organs of the body such as intestine, spleen and liver that helps in healthy digestion of the body and proper absorption and assimilation of the nutrients in the body. It strengthens your core muscles which is a key factor for healthy digestion.

Strengthen your spine

Cobra pose is designed in such a way that it provides a well-needed extension to your back muscle which is very helpful in strengthening your spine. Practising bhujangasana in a correct manner can reap so many benefits and it not only provides a good stretch to your entire spinal cord but also loosen the muscles surrounded the vertebral column.

Improve circulation

The circulatory system includes blood vessels, blood and heart. Today’s modern lifestyle has to lead to tons of people in the loop of heart diseases. The regular practice of cobra pose improves the blood circulation and supply oxygenated blood to the heart and each organ of the body. The improved circulation ensures that nutrient, oxygen and hormones are transported to each and every organ of the body in a sufficient manner.

Awaken your kundalini

The cobra poses help in awaken the kundalini energy that helps you in connecting one to their higher self and give your mind body and soul an immense peace. Bhujangasana is a source of bringing cosmic energies to the human body and experience that connection with your divine soul present in your body. It helps in fostering internal peace, creativity and spiritual alignment.

Regulate hormonal secretion

The neck extension in cobra pose massage the thyroid and parathyroid gland that plays a pivotal role in regulating the metabolism of the body. It also helps in optimal functioning of the adrenal gland.

Improves reproductive health

The practice of cobra pose helps in improving the functioning of the male and female reproductive system. Especially for female reproductive organs such as uterus and ovaries as this helps in massaging the organs and improve blood circulation.

Improve metabolism

Bhujangasana stimulates both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system that helps in improving metabolism. Also, it calms your body which further induces rest and digest mode hence help in improving metabolism.

Chakra balancing

As the cobra pose help in kundalini energy that helps in keeping all the seven chakras of the body balanced. When all the chakras of the body are balanced it leads to a major transformation of practitioner body such as attitude, body and its psyche ability.

Overall health and wellbeing

Practising bhujangasana is highly beneficial for your overall wellbeing. It not only relieves you from stress and anxiety, calm your nervous system but also beneficial for your physical and spiritual wellbeing.