Yoga for stress management

Stress has become the worst epidemic for health in the twenty-first century. Thanks to modern lifestyle, a lot has changed in people life. Unfortunately, stress has become a common thing in people lives. The chronic stress can create havoc in your life; not just it hampers your physical health but also creates huge damage to your mental and emotional health. Regular stress can make you physically and mentally drained and exhausted.  We know this that stress cannot be avoided but it can be managed with a proper sleep regime, yoga and healthy eating. The ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation is proven to manage stress and related symptoms. Before moving further that how yoga can manage stress let’s find out-

What is stress??

Stress is a condition or a feeling that you are getting overburdened by many things to do. When you feel devasted about a situated whether it is a change around you in your workplace or any emotional strain it leads to stress. Stress can be positive when it helps you to complete a deadline or avoiding any sort of danger but it becomes negative and lead to anxiety when the person feels regularly challenged that made him/her overburdened. When we feel stressed our body autonomic nervous system causes a psychological change in our body and put us in a fight or flight response and release cortisol that is known as a stress hormone. If the stress is persistent then this response remains activated during the whole time and create huge wear and tear in your whole body.

How yoga can help in managing stress

The ancient practice of yoga has always known for its ability to calm the mind and soul through the combination of breath and physical movement. The study has shown that regular practice of yoga imposes a positive effect on the parasympathetic nervous system which activate the rest and digest mode. This help in lowering the demand for oxygen in the body and lower the blood pressure and heart rate of the body.  When it comes to stress management there are many forms of yoga such as hatha yoga which is slow and one of the most traditional forms of yoga.  In hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh where you can learn how to balance the whole body with the help of movement and breath. Apart from that restorative yoga and vinyasa yoga are also helpful in relieving you from stress.

 The benefits of yoga for stress management

improve your mind, body and soul connection

The regular practice of yoga has affected your mood in a very positive way by giving your mind a much-needed breakthrough the deep breathing and lift your spirit. It improves your mind, body and soul connection make you more aware of yourself. With each practice of yoga, you will become more and more confident in your own body which makes uplift your spirit in a positive way. The more you get confident in your own skin on a day to day that helps in reducing stress.

Manage sleep

Studies have shown that regular practice of yoga balance your sleep cycle and also improve its quality. In order to have a blissful night of sleep, it is important for your body to become completely relaxed. Hence when we are stressed we are not able to sleep peacefully. The regular practice of yoga stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system which is rest and digest mode which make you relaxed and further improve your sleep.

Increased focus

One of the best benefits of yoga is to improve your concentration. Practice of yoga asana help in relaxing your body by overcoming stress. The regular stress can lead to the confused state of mind. Yoga incorporates deep breathing exercise or pranayama that improve your concentration and help you deal with stress with a calm and composed mind.

Induce deep relaxation

When it comes to warding off the stress meditation in yoga holds an important place in stress management. Meditation helps in relaxing the mind by letting of any unnecessary thoughts. The regular practice of yoga and meditation helps in balancing those alpha waves that relax your mind. In meditation, all you have to do is focus on your breath. 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh teach your various technique of meditation which not only help in reducing your stress but also help in connection to your inner self.

A sense of calmness

When you are practising yoga, it keeps your present on the mat and on your body. So, when you are fully concentrated on your body it brings a certain sense of calmness in your mind. Also, at that moment you are completely focussed on the breath that makes you detach from your thoughts and emotions. The more you practice yoga the more you get better in detaching your mind from any stressful situation and make it easier to deal with.

It helps you heal

When there is chronic stress it shattered your inner self and delayed our healing response. It leads to emotional breakdown and makes us react to the situation in the worst manner. When it comes to yoga it is not like a pill or magic that will remove stress permanently. However, with regular practice of yoga make you confident and positive enough to deal with stressful situation in a better manner and channelize your energy in a positive way.

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