The best place to learn Yoga in India

The ancient discipline of yoga was originated in India thousands of years ago. Here yoga is not just a practice, it is more like a tradition and a lifestyle which has been followed by our yogis and sages from thousands of years and then passed onto their disciples. Today yoga has changed a lot especially in the west but here in India yoga has still stood on its firm ground of ages-old philosophy of Patanjali yoga sutra. Learning yoga in India is a blessing in a disguise for yogis as this spiritual nation has known to change the lives of many people. There are plenty of yoga schools in India that offers the best yoga teacher training in India programs. From beginners, 100-hour yoga ttc in India to advanced 500-hour yoga teacher training and various yoga retreats learning yoga in India is the best decision a yoga practitioner can take.

 The energy and vibe India exudes is something which is pure magic and even meditating in some of the most spiritually significant places in India will take you closer to your inner self. Now India is full of places where you can learn authentic yoga such as Mysore is famous for ashtanga yoga and Kerala is famous for its yoga and Ayurveda teachings and Goa is for its hippie vibes but nothing can match the vibes of Rishikesh. 

So why you should choose Rishikesh to learn yoga in India??

The mystical and spiritual aura of Rishikesh, soul-stirring landscape, magical Ganga, temples, yoga ashrams and healing centres make it a magnet for spiritual seekers and yogis who wants to learn yoga. Endowed with the spirituality and the magic of sacred Ganga Rishikesh is the best place to nurture your soul.  Famous as the yoga capital of the world it is a place of sages and sears and the moment you put your step on this beautiful city you will feel a sense of serenity in your soul. Situated at the foothills of Himalaya and bank of the river of Ganga it is one of the most serene and spiritual towns of India. Magnificent landscape, amicable environment Rishikesh is a place which is wrapped in tranquil beauty. The Magical Ganga which is washes away all the sins after taking a dip in its sacred water; let your inner yogi out with the magical practice of yoga. No wonder Rishikesh is full so many yoga ashrams, retreat and schools to do yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

The yoga teacher training courses in rishikesh are the most affordable one and you will also get an exposure to the rich cultural heritage of India. At Rishikesh Yoga Schools, you will experience the ashram lifestyle and learn to practice some intense yoga asanas in riverside camps. You will learn under the guidance of some of the best yoga teachers in Rishikesh and savor the sattvic food of the yoga ashram.

Rishikesh Yog Mandir

In Rishikesh, you will find some of the most amazing yoga school that offers yoga retreats and some of the best and qualitative yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh accredited with yoga alliance USA. One such school is Rishikesh Yog mandir. Rishikesh Yog mandir offers beginners 100 hours, 200 hours, 300 hours and advanced 500-hour yoga teacher training courses along with yoga retreats. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner yoga is something for everyone. Rishikesh Yog mandir mainly focuses on traditional hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga along with the extensive study of yoga anatomy that helps you to get in-depth with the correct posture of yoga asana. Situated in the beautiful setting of tapovan Rishikesh Yog Mandir is a place where you will transform yourself with the intense practice of yoga asana and meditation under the guidance of best yoga teachers. Also, the Satsang and kirtan classes will connect you to the higher self with ease. Also, the staff and the teachers will make you feel like family that makes you feel connected. Started with the aim of offering the best yoga teacher training courses and transforming lives with the practice of yoga Rishikesh Yog mandir lives up to its name.

 So align yourself with the energy of the universe in the spiritual environment of Rishikesh and enhance your yogic skills by learning yoga in India.