Which healthy food to take during Yoga training

We all have heard that adage that body is a temple and a well-balanced meal is a key to maintain that temple. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and it’s our duty to fuel the body with a healthy and balanced meal and fuel the mind with positive and happy thoughts. If you have practiced yoga in whatever form whether it is a normal beginner yoga practice or going for a yoga teacher training course you know that your body needs enough strength for the regular practice of yoga and keep up with your intense yoga asana correctly. Hence to build great stamina along with strengthening your body you need a good amount of protein in your diet. As our muscles get tired from continuous yoga practice the meal should be a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and good fat which is rich in nutrients, vitamins.

Here is the small list of healthy food to take during your yoga teacher training program to make the most out of it and to keep you healthy and strong:

Lemon and honey water

If you are practicing yoga daily so it is important to keep your system clean and lemon honey water is the best option to wake your digestive system. Lemon honey concoction taken in warm water helps in flushing out of the toxins from your body. It eases your bowel movement and aid in weight loss. Continuous asana practice can lead to severe dehydration and this concoction helps in recovery. Apart from that it increases immunity, nourishes your skin and hair and keeps cough off the bay.

Fresh fruit

During your yoga teacher training include many fresh fruits in your diet. Make sure they are seasonal as seasonal fruits are rich in antioxidants, fibers. Also, the fruits fill your sugar cravings and keep you off from the refined sugar. Fruits like pineapple and banana are rich in vitamin c, manganese and potassium which not only support bone health and muscles pain at a bay.

Fresh vegetables

When you will enroll in a yoga ttc program in Rishikesh or a yoga retreat program you will see that there are lots of fresh vegetables and seasonal vegetables included in the menu. You will see a lot of greens and cruciferous vegetables in your menu. As these vegetables are loaded with iron, calcium, Vitamin K, E along with lots of fiber which not only keep you fuller for a longer duration but also fill your body with essential nutrients.


Packed with proteins and boost of energy- quinoa is the best way to keep yourself fuller for a longer duration. Super food quinoa is packed with all essential amino acid, iron, vitamin B12 and magnesium which is not only good for your blood sugar control but also good for muscle health for fueling your body cell with energy. You can have as a salad or even as replacement of your oatmeal in breakfast.


Loaded with protein and iron lentils are also called the fountain of youth that helps in keeping your energizes throughout your intensive yoga training. Lentils are full of anti-ageing properties and contain a high amount of folate more than any plant-based food.  Make lentils a part of your daily meal in the form of Indian dal and kitchari with lots of herbs and spice that fuels your body during your yoga practice.

Raw cacao or a dark chocolate

Rich in antioxidants raw cacao or dark chocolate is an absolute delight to add onto the yogic diet. Dark chocolate or raw cacao is full of flavonoid that reduces the risk of heart disease and keeps your blood sugar level in check and increase blood flow to the brain. Even a small bit of it before your intense yoga session boosts your energy level, concentration and elevates your mood as it contains a neurotransmitter that helps in releasing the endomorphin.

Almond and dry fruit bars

Almonds are a great source of energy, full of anti-inflammatory properties that promote bone health, enhance digestion and prevent cancer. Also, almonds and overall dry fruits are packed with energies and are easy to digest. It keeps you fuller for a longer duration and makes us a great snacking option in between your full yogic meals. You can make your own dry fruit bars at home or go for no sugar and artificial flavor to reap maximum benefits.