What To Do When You Finish Your Yoga Teacher Training

A big congratulation to you that you have completed your yoga teacher training course, finally you have done it! Hopefully, you had got what you expected from the training and feel confident enough to go out and rock the world of yoga with your knowledge and wisdom you have just received. But now what?? What is the next step?? You might feel bogged down with this question but do not worry before you move into the next step that what you need to do. Some of you were having big corporate jobs and now that you have earned the yoga certification, you might feel like leaving everything behind and jump on the bandwagon of being a new yoga teacher. You are wrong before jumpstart anything observes and embrace every little change in you. Put in your time, retrospect, and then further move on to any conclusion.

 Here are some important steps you need to take after completing your yoga teacher training.

Figure out what you want

You must need to understand that there is no such blueprint that can tell you how your journey as a yoga teacher will unfold. Some graduates want to dive themselves into teaching right away some want to move ahead later and some don’t which is perfectly fine. After all, yoga is all about being in union with your inner voice. So before leaving everything just figure out whether you want to become a yoga teacher or not. And, if the answer is yes then welcome to the world of yoga teaching.

Get your certification

Most of the yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh issue you a certificate on graduating. The certificate includes details such name of your school and the date of attending the course. Make copies of it and prepare a certification folder for yourself.

Get yourself registered

Before moving to other things get yourself registered with yoga alliance USA. Generally, most yoga schools in Rishikesh are registered with the yoga alliance. So, if you have graduated from a yoga alliance accredited school all you have to do is go to the website of yoga alliance, fill up the necessary information regarding your training and get yourself registered. Also, get yourself liability insurance that can keep you safe during teaching.

Start assisting

It is a must for you if you want to get yourself a first-hand experience of yoga teaching. Assisting under an experience yoga teacher will not only give you a chance to gain some knowledge but also improve your presence in the yoga community. Since your initial days are very important so assist as much as you can so not only you can learn their way of teaching and can incorporate it while developing your own teaching style. Also, it will also add some experience to your resume.

Deepen your yoga practice

Even though you have just completed your 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh and you are all confident about your asana practice. But you only know just the tip of the iceberg so never take granted your own personal practice and keep working on making yourself better.

Teach whenever you got an opportunity

One of the best ways to start on the teaching journey is to start teaching your friends, family members to gain some confidence. You can also go to a community park and teach them on a weekly basis this will let you learn and practice all the adjustment, alignment skills you have learned in your yoga training program along with its contradiction. With every step, your confidence will build and you will be able to start taking more students and get your name out in a yoga community.

Go for an advanced yoga course

This is totally up to you but after completion of your 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, you can enroll yourself in an advanced yoga course. Here in Rishikesh, you will find many yoga schools that offer you 300 or 500 advanced yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh. These courses will let you delve deeper into the science of yoga and let you grow as a better yoga teacher. These are the few important tips that will help you move forward in your yogic journey. As you have just completed this transformational journey, stay on the path, practice as much as you can, and make the most out of it.

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