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Yoga mudra and their benefits | Types of yoga Mudra

Our whole body is made up of a total of five elements – ether, air, fire, water, and earth. These elements are the main reason to have a balance in our mind and body, along with the surge to grow. It also helps in protecting us from other diseases and helps us fight against several illnesses. The awareness of our mind and soul can be achieved with these elements. However, in order to reach this stage, we need to understand the working concept of Mudra. Before knowing ‘How does Yoga Mudra work’ let us begin about what is yoga mudra and its benefits are.

When we talk about what are mudra in yoga?? Then we can state that it is a form of symbolic hand gestures done while doing pranayama. And, it directs the flow of energy in some specific part of our brain.

It helps in many things so that one can have proper control over their body and its functions. It helps in redirecting and balancing our life on a huge level with the working condition of the power. There are different types of yoga mudra, and every yoga mudra has different benefits.

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yoga mudra

Types of yoga mudra:

1. Knowledge Mudra (Gyan Mudra) –

Knowledge Mudra (Gyan Mudra)

To perform this yoga mudra, you have to touch the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb. Keep your other finger straight. It is best to perform this yoga mudra in the morning.

 This type of Mudra works on the level of reducing depression and tension. It is the form of work that helps in awakening on the spiritual level and controlling the calming effect on the upper level. This type of element helps in the easy stimulation and works effectively on building mental strength, concentration, and even improved the form of brain sharpening.

2. Life Mudra (Prana Mudra) – 

Life Mudra (Prana Mudra)

Touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your ring finger and little finger together. Keep your remaining fingers straight. Keep breathing, or you can chant ‘so’ while inhaling and ‘hum’ while exhaling. Practicing 30 to 40 minutes is enough to show the result.

This type of Mudra is the spirit of life or symbolizes the energy that is flowing into our system. The mudra benefits have covered a lot of things, including the reduction of pain and helps in getting a calm. In addition to this, it works well with the energy level and helps in keeping the calmness in the organs as per the motion of our body.

3. Digestion Mudra (Apan Mudra)-

Digestion Mudra (Apan Mudra)

Touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your ring finger and middle finger together and keep your other two-finger straight.

 It is the one that works on diabetes, piles, dental issues, kidney problem. In addition to this, it is one of the major players when it comes to curing heart disease. It helps in releasing toxins from our body and works in the direction of stability in the food digestion system.

4. Mudra of Heat( Ling Mudra):

Mudra of Heat( Ling Mudra)

To perform this Mudra, you have to clasp your fingers of your both hands. Keep your right thumb straight. Sit relaxed and put some pressure. You can perform this yoga pose for 10 minutes to 20 min.

Ling Mudra builds heat in your body and causes you to sweat even in winter. It is highly beneficial in controlling cold, asthma, cough, and sinus.

5. Mudra of air ( Vayu Mudra): 

pawan mudra

To perform this Mudra, you have to bend your index finger and now, press it with your thumb and keep other three fingers straight. It is best to perform this Mudra for 10 to 15 minutes thrice in a day, and it can be done anywhere.

Vayu mudra balances the air element in your body. This Mudra controls Vata doshas and beneficial in arthritis, chest pain, gas problems, bloating. It also balances our innate body energy, such as yawning and blinking.

6. Mudra of the earth ( Prithvi mudra):

 Mudra of the earth ( Prithvi mudra)

sit in padmasana, touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your ring finger and keep other finger extended. It is same as Agni mudra but the only difference here that here you have to form a circle.

It is best to perform this yoga mudra in the morning. But it can be performed at any time period and any duration of the day.

This Mudra balanced the earth element in your body and recharged your root chakra. In case you are feeling lethargic, you can perform this Mudra.

 7. Mudra of Sun(Surya Mudra):

Mudra of Sun(Surya Mudra

Fold your ring finger so that it can touch the base of your thumb. Now press it with your thumb and keep others finger straight.

This Mudra increases your fire element in your body that helps in maintaining your body temperature and improve your vision. It is the best yoga mudra for weight loss. This yoga mudra cure many problems like loss of appetite, indigestion, shivering.

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