Yoga with props

What are Props in Yoga and Why Do We Use Them?

There are many people that get confused when it comes to Props in Yoga. They might not even know it but yes, there are many props that are used in yoga to ensure that a person is having the time of his lifetime. There are so many yoga poses that are done by people. However, there are cases, when an individual require some sort of support and tool so that they can perform yoga on a better level. These type of props are used by the yoga fanatics for a better yoga experience. The props allow pranayama and asana to work with ease, effectiveness and even stability.

Yoga with props

There might be many people who say that using a prop in yoga training  when you are on a mat is considered as a cheat. Well, you don’t have to believe them. It is just a way that allows students to get in synchronisation and deeper understanding of yoga. It helps in getting to a whole new level with the poses and different benefits that can be achieved with the help of strong and flexible yoga practice.

Use of yoga props

Let us know more about props with the help of yoga props:

Props in Yoga

  • Bolsters – It is one of the major props that is used in yoga in different shapes and sizes. There are bolster for every individual as per their size so that it can be effectively used by them. It is extremely helpful when it comes to support the body and have a deeper understanding of yoga.
  • Blocks – Another of the prop is famous due to the ability to slide, weight and stability. It is one of the best combinations when it comes to yoga. One can simply work on the cautionary from for more accurate form of yoga poses. It also allows one to have a flexible body. In the start, you must use it so that you can get rid of stiff muscles and have a much better time.
  • Belt – No need to get confused but they are the most effective prop that is used in yoga. The D-ring belt can be helpful when it comes to having a proper posture and body language. It will provide support to your body and joints.
  • Blankets – It is not a bad choice to go for blankets in yoga. It allows one to have a smooth material to ensure that your body is properly lined up and have an accurate mode of support.

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