How to do yoga

Common Mistake Weakening Your Yoga Workout

Many of you practice yoga but are not happy with the result. Do you know the reason why? The reason is that you are not doing the yoga poses correctly. It results in adverse effects that can lead you to injuries. So, here are the yoga mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Holding Breath:

This is the most common mistake that almost everyone does while practicing yoga. You must not hold your breath as it prevents the free flow of energy in your body. In turn, it results in stress and tension. If you are getting stress then what is the use of yoga? So, better do not hold your breath and let the free stream of air pass through your body. You must maintain a steady breath when you are lying down, upside down or standing.

  1. Not Using Props:

Props are an effective way to make your practice more intense and fruitful. They help to modify your practice according to the needs of yr body. Several props like blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps are used to intensify your yoga practice. Using a prop is not a sign of weakness rather a smart move to have faster results on your body. They also help to protect your body from injuries and go deeper in to a particular pose.

how to do yoga

  1. Triangle:

It is a pose in which you bend your spine laterally. This is one of the most common yoga mistakes made by many people in this pose id that they try to bend forward and reach for their toes. It can result in misalignment of your spine and your body ac collapse. In order to rectify it, you must align your shoulders in the same line as the hips, chest and belly rolled up towards the ceiling.

  1. Upward Dog:

Many people confuse between the cobra pose. This pose requires proper alignment of your core and upper body to avoid crunching into lower back or dumping into your shoulders. To do it properly, you must lift your chest and relax your shoulders blades down your back, pressing your knuckles down and rotating forearms. Doing this pose correctly, avoids possibilities of injuries.

  1. Downward Dog:

The common mistakes while doing this pose are as follows:

  • Inverted U-shape:

Many people make inverted u-shape instead of v-shape. I this way, your spine get curved which must not be done and can lead to injury. You must make an inverted v-shape and straighten your spine, bend your knees, push your hips and things back.

  • Wrists injury:

Putting too much weight in your wrists, you might get an injury in your wrists. So, you must push more weight into your legs and press firmly the inner edges of your hands.

  1. Low Plank:

If you do not know how to do yoga in this pose, you may get injured badly. The common mistakes are placing elbows out of the side, shoulders dipping below, hands in front of shoulders, etc. You must avoid these practices and correctly do it. You must have control on your body, places your elbows close to ribs, hands by the ribs.

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