Means to be good at yoga

What it means to be good at yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that helps to unite your body and soul. It allows you to achieve physical, mental and spiritual peace. It became popular in the west in the 20th century. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means ‘concentration’. Ultimately the goal of yoga is to achieve liberation.

The ultimate end of all human pursuits is ‘moksha’, the freedom from all bondage, freedom from desires, freedom from insecurities, freedom from a sense of limitations. In other words, the end of all human pursuits is everlasting peace, satisfaction and sense of fulfilment. This can be made possible by regular and steady practice of yoga. Yoga removes the impurities and the veil of ignorance that keeps us strangers from ourselves. The meaning of yoga is the linking of our soul the ultimate soul (god).

Here are some tips to be good at yoga and step toward a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.

  • Keep in mind that yoga is not about chasing a level, it is about being present where you are. You need to Tips to be good at yogahonour yourself and your body.
  • Yoga as a practice is more personal than physical, not all poses are suitable for everyone, or at least they must be modified so their need is For some people higher levels are not realistic, they are still learning and have nothing to feel bad or guilty about if it does not change.
  • In the yoga, every stage is a stepping stone. You know where you are, where you have been, and where you are handed, and every stage is a stepping stone, even in asana, it is all organic.

The things that you need to take care of while practising yoga is-

  • Stay hydrated all day- in the middle of yoga practice, taking breaks for few sips of water can mess with your flow, so it is vital to arrive at the class hydrated.
  • Dress the part- there is nothing worse than having to hike up the waistband of your pants to make sure you are not spilling out of your tank top all class long. Wear clothes that are fitted and comfortable, but not so long
  • Breathe deep- anytime a pose feels difficult or senses some self-judgement creeping take a deep breath in and out through your nose.

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