The role of meditation in mental health

Many mental diseases and conditions like Depression, stress, anxiety neurosis has become the greatest threat to the mental health statics in day today. In recent researches, it was found out that most of the loss of the revenue in the offices as a result of abstaining from work is due to these mental illnesses which are basically unreported and is under determined by the officials.

Meditation in mental health is gaining popularity in the society as the reality of these diseases is progressing faster and the biggest reason for it is the initial negligence to these individual either from family members or self. But with the passing by the time these conditions are changing with the increasing awareness of the society toward these issues which are latent but effects are like a silent time bomb which can explode at any time and has long-term effects on the being of the individual.


The one who are suffering from mental illness is the one who is already facing a lot of turmoil in the head as well as the life due to their illness and the social pressure the biggest problem from the so-called conventional modern science is the only suppression of the condition which creates a current situation of the brain and body numbness and this abuse of nerve suppression lead to more long-term sufferings which are more painful to the body.

Meditation mental health benefits

Many techniques of yoga like pranayama and medication are proving to be helpful in treating these mental illnesses. In the action of science like yoga, it is believed that one can use the inner consciousness to control the energy from the universe and the supreme energy to connect it with the understanding of insight with the help of meditation and achieve a healthy body and quite calmer mind. Benefits of meditation are proving with passing by time as we get may cases where these can be treated easily and conveniently with no extra burden on the financial as well emotional look out of society.

A regular practice can lead one to the unexplored path of the true essence of the treatments which is pure gentle and less stressful and not only helps in mental illness but also strengthens the physical aspect of the body and how each and every aspect of life and its working is linked to each other. If you are knee to know more about yoga and meditation you can join yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh India.

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