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Everybody wants to start their day with a boost of energy, not like stuck in a bed and felt sleepy. It is always better to start your day and rhythm with the rhythm of nature and start your morning rituals. You will feel a change in yourself. Having a set morning yoga routine is very necessary to bring a profound change in your body, mind, and your mood too.

A morning yoga routine is the most important part of the whole day; what you follow has an impact on your all-over energy levels within the day. Regular practice of yoga in the morning with a well-balanced diet is crucial and essential for a healthy life. Though it is good to have at least an hour-long yoga sequence followed by the practice of meditation. Yet sometimes it is not possible to follow your morning routine due to numerous reasons. So here are some easy Best Yoga Poses To Practice In The Morning that will awaken your body and energize you for the rest of the day.

Yoga to start your day :

Following are some yoga poses to do in the morning..

  • Anulom villom (Alternate nostril breathing):

It is one of the commonest pranayama breathing exercises that can be done by beginners. Also, It treats many respiratory conditions like asthma due to its deep breathing impact. Sit in the padmasana or simple sitting posture and close your eyes, and rest both of your hands alongside now Close the right nostrils with a right hand and inhale deeply and steadily with left nostril. Try doing with the alternative nostril similarly and feel the rush of the air from your nose to the deepest part of the lungs as they are filled with the oxygen.


  • Bhramari pranayama:

Bhramari in Sanskrit means the musical sound of bees. The greatest benefit of this pranayama is its vibratory action created inside the body. It creates a wave throughout the body, especially moving from the mouth to the skull bones and nervous system that creates a condition of balance and homeostasis all over.

Shut the outer of your ear with the help of thumb and eyes with the help of your index fingers of both the hands. Take a deep breath and while exhaling produces the loud bee buzz focus on the center of your forehead and extend the mumbling as loud and long as possible.

  • Downward Dog:

 For this yoga asana, you have to get on a tabletop position with your hands slightly forward than your shoulder and knees below your hips. Now exhale and lift your knees away from the floor and keep your arms straight and lift your tail bone towards the ceiling. Stretch your heels onto the floor and lengthen your hamstring. It is one of the most energizing yoga poses that will open your back muscles. Do this yoga pose for at least 30 sec to 1 min to feel the stretch. It is one of the most popular yoga poses, and not every beginner can do it.

  •  Setu Bandhan asana (Bridge Pose)

Place your feet parallel to the ground and lie down straight on the mat. Remember your arms should rest along the body in a relaxing manner, with palms facing downwards. Inhale, and try to lift your back off the floor upward. Your bodyweight should be on your shoulder but not on your neck, keep the buttocks and back muscles tight and aligned to avoid any injury, stay there in the position for a while the return back to relaxing position.

  • Shavasana

Relax your mind from outward attention and lay down flat n the ground. Your legs should be at the level of the ground resting there comfortably. Your arms should also be touching the grounding feeling the energy from the mother earth and should be in a relaxing position. Now keep lying down, making all the negative emotion flow out from your body slowly and feel your body in the state of complete relaxation.

Following a proper morning yoga routine can change the way you deal with the different aspect of day to day routine like. To learn yoga you can join 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India You feel more energetic, calmer, less anxious, and is no more saddened easily; these all lead to a better life in the end.

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