Yoga poses to avoid heart problems

Yoga poses to avoid heart problems

As many yoga trainers must have told you that doing yoga asana should be always under the guidance especially if you suffer from some pathological conditions. Certain diseases are harmful to the body and weaken up our response system in such cases few types of postures should be completely avoided to maintain the health. In conditions like hypertension or any heart disease like arterial blockage asana that gushes the blood to the heart or pressurise the heart to pump more should be avoided, again posture which creates excessive pressure on vital organs should also be avoided. Some yoga poses which is avoidable are following :


Wheel pose is a cardioactive pose that requires a lot of strength, the breathing pattern with back end action pushes the heart to pump more blood which can exert pressure on it and can lead to consequences. So clearly it should be avoided if suffering from any kind of heart disease.


Again headstand is done against gravitational force that pushes the blood to the head and can increase the intracranial pressure.


This posture swells up all the blood from the lower body and can increase the blood volume towards the heart.

Yoga poses to avoid heart problems

Yoga for heart problems

Go easy and follow yoga asana that helps in lowering down blood pressure, normal functioning of the heart strengthens the muscles and enhances the lung capacity with improving the circulatory system, such posture can be practised in a light manner and is apt yoga for heart health. Asana like

  • Tadasana
  • Vrikshasana
  • Virabhadrasana
  • Trikonasana

These poses can be practised easily but remember to push as much as you can bear according to individual condition and only under surveillance. You will thrive in terms of health just be careful.

Along with this certain pranayama like Kapal Bhati and annulom villom are beneficial in increasing the function of the peripheral breathing system. But one should take care that if you are at the latter stages of heart disease and your lungs have been collapsed pranayama should be avoided. These yoga asanas will help you to get your heart problem in line and will guide you to be the best at all. Also, it will keep you away from other problems especially blood pressure that has a tendency to keep your heart issues at the top. So, wait up and waste your time. Join a yoga course to achieve the best health benefits for it.

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