Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga was originated by Doctor Madan Kataria, a doctor of India who started a Laughter Club 6 year ago with just some people participating. There are at this time over 6,000 Laughter Groups in around 60 countries.

What is Laughter Yoga?

It is simply a blend of laughter and Yogic Breathing (Pranayama). The mind is unable to distinguish between simulated and authentic laughter so the fitness benefits are the same. It is an innovative concept that is a complete workout for the spirit and the body.

In today’s time, Stress is the quantity killer and is responsible for eighty percent of the entire bad health. It weakens the mind and the body and leads to a condition of non-functionality and disability. Laughter yoga is an influential therapy against unenthusiastic emotions. It is one of the most controlling techniques to remedy stress as it merges fun and easy yoga exercise with emotional and physiological benefits and anxiety reduction.

It has the facility to transcend uncertainties and reduce levels of stress almost instantly as it triggers the discharge of endorphins, the natural painkillers of the body and creates a broad sense of health. It focuses on the value of deep breathing through the diaphragm.  Also facilitates in washing out the lungs of musty air and wholly oxygenates the system of the body which gets thin while undergoing a traumatic situation. A good abdomen laugh exercises the diaphragm, catches the abs and even performs out for the shoulders, leaving muscles more comfortable afterwards. It even offers good exercises for the heart.

Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

The practice of Laughter Yoga helps resolve several major workplace problems and enhances performance and increases profitability and productivity. It is the only most efficient yoga exercise that reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously.

Reduces Physical Stress

Physical stress comes from working beyond our physical capacity. Working constantly without enough rest or refresh makes us physically tired and fatigued. Laughter Yoga is an immense workout and it has been demonstrated that just ten minutes of hearty laughter is equal to thirty minutes on the paddle instrument. This helps to energize and refresh the mind as well as the body.

 Reduces Mental Stress

Mental Stress in the place of work stems mainly from intense workloads with firm deadlines, from fear of losing a job or approaching too hard to fulfill crucial daily needs. Competing with others in order to improve performance also results in mental stress. Laughter Yoga has the capability to change the frame of mind and status within a short time period and develop an affirmative psychological attitude. It enables us to deal with dares in a much-improved way.

Reduces Emotional Stress

Emotional Stress is entrenched and caused by awful relationships at the house or at the place of work. Even extremely talented and skillful employees cannot perform up to the mark if they are psychologically disturbed. Emotional issues at the workplace reflect at house and vice versa. Laughter yoga facilitates to develop emotional feelings through bodily playfulness and a humorous mental attitude. While playing one focus entirely on the fun and play a course of action and one’s personality takes a back seat. This facilitates to shed all shyness and enables feelings and emotions without panic.

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