Yoga asana for excessive sweating

Yoga asana for excessive sweating

How many times it happened that we went for a job interview and end up being all sweaty, this may happen in many life situations where there is a combination of anxiety with a hormonal flush. But often people suffer from a condition known as anhydrosis where there is excessive sweating without any cause and can lead to many secondary skin infections. Yoga to Reduce Excessive Sweating is the perfect answer in both the above conditions.

Yoga asana for excessive sweating

Try out this yoga asana for excessive sweating

  1. Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Sit with your back straight against the wall. Fold a blanket for support. Sit on one edge of the support and stretch out legs in front of on the floor. Now cross-fold and flex the leg in a way that foot is below the knees of the opposite legs. Stretch your back straight and place your hands on your knees. Keep your focus on your breath and sit in this position for at least 60 seconds. Practising this pose helps in inner calm and tranquillity , in eliminating anxiety.

  1. Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend)

Sit on your buttocks and stretch out legs in front of you. Keep the feet flexed and lower the forehead toward knees. Seated Forward Bend is a basic yet challenging pose that relieves stress and anxiety and excessive sweat. it stretches the calf’s spine, and lower back improves digestion, relieves symptoms of menopause, and reduces fatigue.

  1. Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose)

Sit on buttocks and stretch the legs out. Breathe out, and pull heels towards your lower abdomen. Press soles of feet close together. It improves overall blood circulation, relieves stress, reduces fatigue and improves posture.

  1. Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Sit on the floor folding legs so that big toes are flat on the floor and sit on calves and heels. Now stretch out hands and bend forward, the torso should be between thighs and hands lying flat in front, forehead touching the ground from between your hands. This asana not only helps in relieving stress and anxiety but also releases tension in the back, chest, and shoulders.

  1. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

Stand straight, exhale, and bend the upper body forwards from hip area, drawing abdomen slightly in Keep your knees straight and place your fingertips or palms on either side of feet or place them on the back of the ankles. To get best results, try to touch your feet flat on the ground or lengthen your torso more trying to touch your nose to your knees or thighs. It improves digestion and aids in anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

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