Why jala neti should be done daily life

Why Jala neti should be done daily life

Jala Neti Kriya is the best method if you want to stay free of disease and have a blockage free practice session. You can compare it with the hygienic habit of brushing teeth for dental. Similarly, if you are aiming for hygiene in the nasal then you have to perform Jala Neti. This technique will detoxify your nasal and clean it up from the nostril all the way to throat. Shatkarmas or the six purification procedure is the Jala Neti in which you will feel much better.

Requirements for Jal Neti Techniques

You simply require three things to perform Jal neti technique such as a pinch of salt, neti pot and lukewarm water. Now, if you don’t know about the neti pot then it is a pot like structure with a long spout coming out of a side. The spout is not much longer and can easily be inserted into the nostrils to complete the process.

Why jala neti should be done daily life

Perform Jal neti technique

In order to perform Jal neti, you need to take neti pot and fill it up with saline water. Then place the snout on your nostril hole and slightly tilt your head in such a way that the water is water is poured in one hole and came out from another. However, breathe through your mouth during the technique. Keep on doing it until the pot is empty. Then repeat it with another nostril hole. Then, when the pouring is done, exhale loudly to remove all the remnants out.

Benefits of Jal Neti

  1. On practising Jala neti on daily basis, you will observe that there are changes in your nasal hygiene. It will eradicate any type of bacteria and dirt that is trapped into nostril with mucus.
  2. For an asthmatic patient, it will cleanse the breathing passage giving them a easier way to breathe.
  3. The Jala neti technique will help in soothing the sensitive tissues that can soften an attack of allergies.
  4. It also helps in the reduction of infection of middle ears and tinnitus.
  5. In addition to this, it is the best cure for migraine attack and sinusitis.
  6. You will even feel the difference in the respiratory complaints such as tonsils, sore throats and dry coughs.
  7. It is even beneficial for eyes since you can have a clear vision and clear eye ducts.
  8. Nasal passage will be cleared off improving your smell sense and digestion improvement.
  9. It will also have a great sense of calmness to the nervous You will feel that your mind is at peace with no stress and bringing off the clarity in the mind.
  10. When you have a clear sense of mind then you will even have lower anger with the help of neti jala.
  11. Even the meditation quality will be improved on practising Jal neti.

It is a natural and simple therapy to perform on daily basis with no side effect or complication. So, don’t wait up.

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