The benefit of yoga in weight loss and flat stomach

 Whether yoga is really effective for weight loss is still a very debatable topic. Many believe that yoga is not fast enough that make you sweat and lose weight. However, don’t get fooled by believing in those myths as this ancient practice is really beneficial in weight loss and get you that flat tummy. Also, it is the only form of exercise that is good for your mind and body and also uplifts the spiritual side that allows you to become the best version of yourself. When it comes to your weight loss goals then this can be achieved at a much faster rate with some quick-paced yoga forms such as ashtanga vinyasa and power yoga that boost your heart. But it also possible to lose weight with a gentle form of yoga based on the way it stretches, strengthens or soothes your body.

Here are some the best possible way in which yoga helps in weight loss and get you a flat stomach

It leads you towards mindful eating

The best aspect of yoga is that it develops the habit of mindfulness and increases your awareness. It makes you aware and conscious about the food you put in your system and how different food affect your mind, body and spirit. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga develop of habit of mindful eating and preferred healthy food over junk food. The practice of yoga helps you to get in tune with your body that helps them to stop overeating and impulsive eating that helps in lasting weight loss.

Yoga lowers your stress level

Yoga is proven when it comes to lowering the stress level which not only helps in losing weight but also does wonders for your mind. The daily practice of yoga helps in reducing the cortisol level in the body which is a stress hormone. Stress is the main culprit when it comes to weight gain as it makes your brain to crave more glucose in order to combat the low blood sugar level that can lead to the habit of binge eating and weight gain. Also, people who are stressed tend to store fat on belly area and reducing stress help in preventing in accumulation of belly fat hence help you to achieve that flat stomach

 Yoga makes you sleep better

Studies have shown that quality sleep is much more important when it comes to weight loss for a lasting time.  For an ideal weight loss, it is important to have a restful body and mind hence it is important to have a restful sleep of 7 to 8 hours. Practice like yoga Nidra helps you to sleep peacefully and restfully. Although the practice of yoga Nidra won’t help you in burning calorie but enhance mindfulness and self-awareness that aid you in effective weight loss and garnering healthy habits.

Yoga poses for weight loss

Yoga forms such as ashtanga and vinyasa flow are the best form of yoga that helps in weight loss and also prevent you to gain weight. The vigorous form of yoga such as power yoga is more like cardiovascular exercise that promotes weightloss and helps in maintaining a healthy body and sound mindset.

 You should also opt for practicing yoga for at least 3 to 5 times of the week and for a longer duration. Here are some of the yoga poses you can practice to lose weight and get a flat stomach

Sun salutation

King of all yoga asana Surya namaskar is a whole package for you when it comes to weight loss. It stretches and tones your all major muscles, tones your arms, waist, legs and improves your blood circulation, metabolism and stimulate your digestive system.

Plank pose

Chaturanga dandasana is the best yoga pose to work on your core muscles and get a flat belly. With every practice, you will feel the burn in your abdominal muscles.

Warrior pose

Warrior pose tones down your thigh muscles, shoulder, lower back and oblique muscles. The more you hold the pose the faster you gain a result. Breathe thoroughly when you practice the warrior pose for better balance.

Bow pose

Do you want a flat belly?? Then bow pose should be on your list as it massages your abdominal muscles, enhance your digestion and stretch your whole abdominal region that loosens the fat accumulated in the belly area and help in burning that tough belly fat.

Yoga for a healthy and lasting weight loss

To ensure that how you are going to lose that weight with yoga it is important to opt for a yoga class that involves a lot of movements such as vinyasa yoga and power yoga. Also, you can join a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh where you not only practice yoga under the supervision of experienced yoga teachers but also you will be introduced with the concept of sattvic food and meditation. The sattvic food nourishes your body with the right nutrition and meditation relieves you from stress and anxiety. It also inoculates the habit of mindfulness which is important for a lasting weight loss.  So make a commitment to yourself and practice yoga if you want to lose weight in a healthy and mindful way.