Kriya Yoga Asana and its Benefits

Kriya Yoga Asana and its Benefits


Kriya yoga has been in the practice of yoga culture in India since ages, we can find many literature references regarding kriya yoga-like in Patanjali sutra and Bhagwat Geeta as well. Their kriya was referred to as the old ancient old science of meditation and deep yoga nidra and its effect on the human body. But somewhat with the passage of the time it has lost its shine and was lost in the dark phase but was reintroduced by Mahavir Babaji and his disciple Swami Shri Yukteshwar who trained swami Paramhansa Yogananda and sent him to many western countries for campaigning of kriya yoga.

In his life journey autobiography swami Paramhansa has written the technique of kriya yoga where he described it has a collection of various meditation techniques that are mainly focused on energising and providing concentration power. he explained kriya yoga as the three-stage step exercises .let us discuss the types and kriya yoga benefits

Kriya Yoga Asana and its Benefits

  1. Energy boosting exercises

Regular practice of it promotes a relaxing and soothing effect on the body. In this method exercises with deep breathing, the focus is done. this technique allows the body to absorb the energy from the cosmos and maintain the functioning of vital force in a positive direction with systemic purification.

2. Hong Sau concentration technique

This is somewhere similar yoga nidra where one has to withdraw from the distraction from the outer with the enlightenment of internal self and correlation with the supreme energy. As we all know that all our problem of life arises either from expectation or desires and e=when follow this particular form of yoga kriya we feel disconnected from the pain of body and above this our soul.

3. Aum technique

This kriya form focuses on the recitation on the Om with the purification of the environment around us and boosting the energy. This form allows an individual to exponential explore the hidden capabilities of the individual.

The main purpose of doing kriya yoga is moving much beyond the tantrums and difficulties of life and having the feeling of self- actualisation to get immersed in the trinity of life. To understand how kriya yoga works we should take the DIKSHA which is similar to the baptism in western culture and denotes the belief of the devotee. A most important feature of this form of yoga is the guru-student relationship that allows the permeability into the lessons of the teachings.

These are the main things about kriya that you must know about. However, it is a vast subject and it is possible that you might have to invest some time and effort into it. But once, you started you will feel a surge of energy passed into you and giving you a deeper meaning of growth. You will also feel that your body is in a different domain with positivity surrounding you. So, don’t wait much to get started with kriya yoga and change your life for the better.

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