Dandasana and its Benefits

What is Dandasana and its Benefits?


Dandasan is a collaboration of two Sanskrit words dand that means stick or asana that means any posture. Dandasna or staff pose is practised in most of the yoga studios or by most of the trainers as the basic foundation posture for learning the complicated asana and done as a warm-up exercise.


This is done by sitting square by shoulder then lying down over the ground. But make sure that you are in a comfortable position. While keeping your back straightened, tighten your body in an upward direction. However, you need to ensure that your feet are at the front in a stressed spot.

Remember that your legs must be lying in the position so that they are parallel to each other as well the floor, and feet should be pointed upwards and inward. This will help in maintaining your posture and balance out your whole body properly.

Dandasana and its Benefits

Now slowly try squeezing the buttocks over the floor, and align your head and shoulder in and above of the faces as they should face the ceiling. Try to focus on a single point of the ceiling.

Flex and squeeze your feet pressing them downward. Now Place your palms next to the lower body on the floor.  Try to relax and support your spine slowly relaxing your shoulder too. Keep your upper body straight in such a way that your body is tightened and flexed.

Breathe normally and steadily, and hold the pose as much as your comfortably allows. Even if you are comfortable for only a minute then hold it till then. Once, you think it is more than enough, return slowly to the base position and breathe in and out to feel the flow of energy take a break for a while and then repeat. However, it is better to not test your limits since it can sprain your muscles, if you are tired then don’t go further.

Benefits of DANDASAN

When done religiously and on daily basis, this asana can work wonder on each and every body part and helps to strengthen the muscles of the back, upper chest and back.

It also helps to stabilise the chest and the shoulders great for people suffering from frozen shoulder and arthritis but as per the physician guidelines or trained trainers.

With regular practice of this asana, the improvement in posture can be observed and strengthened as well.

It is known to cure sciatica and backaches and should be done by pregnant females also who are suffering from the pelvic dysfunctional and dysplasia.

People With respiratory ailments like asthma can get relieved from its regular follow.

This asana also helps to focus and calm down the mind, relieves stress and helps enhance concentration.

DANDASANA and its benefit can be experienced in the various field of the life and the attitude of the life where we want our health to be at par with the disease that is attacking our body.

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