What is hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

What is hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Let us understand hath yoga first.

Hath yoga comes into existence from a combination of two Sanskrit word ha and that which breaks into the word ha that means the sun and the word that that means moon. Hath yoga also refers to the balancing the feminine and masculine characters in the body. It simply means the yoga form to bring balance between the sun and the moon that represents the mind the consciousness.  

In yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, we prepare body mind and inner consciousness to balance between the energies of the Supreme universe which is the driving force of life for every particle present in the cosmos. Manipulating these energies within and outward for our betterment is the sole aim of hath yoga, done by postures technique and variations. Understanding body functioning in association with the external atmosphere and utilizing body posture to drive energy toward specific directions. It enhances the existence of oneself.

What is hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

In Hath yoga teacher training in Rishikesh following yoga asana is practised to inspire the inner hath energy of the body.


(Warrior pose) extending one leg backwards with stretching hands upward. Increase the flow of nutrition to brain cells. Provide strength to calves thigh muscle.


(Triangle pose) straight and touch feet with hands with a hand in a triangular manner with a combination of breathing combination. This acts on knee ankle back elbow shoulder


This asana derives the energy from the sun and is as named as the result of offerings and prayers toward the sun, consisting of 12 different poses altogether that should be done one after another in a cyclic manner. stand on your feet on the ground facing the sun in a namaskar position


Done by folding the legs and placing them over the thighs were the entire weight is on the second legs moving the joint hands upward and balancing. This pose is believed to be done for rejuvenation and detoxification. It stretches the legs, back and arms, and legs muscle.

Yoga teacher training Rishikesh focuses on the positive overview of registering yourself as a better carrier and job opportunities because people are still preferring registered professional or tutors for teaching. A mark of authenticity is always good as it opens a new perspective of faith and opportunities among people. Yoga training in Rishikesh has an array of professional teachers and speaker to gain knowledge from.

There is a number of yoga school in Rishikesh that can help you to grow in the term of hatha yoga and have a depth analysis of its benefits. You might take some time to get accumulated with the changes but it will be worth it when you will start to see how diversely it can affect your mind and body. All you need to do is to start with the most experienced teacher and you will observe yourself grow and improve slowly but gradually to something better.

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