Top 10 Amazing Hatha yoga benefits

Yoga is known as a medium of reaching towards higher consciousness and hatha yoga helps in aligning the human consciousness with universal consciousness. Hatha yoga is an ancient form of yoga which is slow and gentle that combines the power of breath with yoga asana hence incredibly beneficial for practitioners. Many yoga styles are derived from hatha yoga such as Bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga and many more.

What is hatha yoga??

The word Hatha derived from Sanskrit words ‘Ha’ that means sun and ‘Tha’ that means moon. Hatha yoga is a science that balances the sun and moon energies in our bodies that is masculine and feminine energy through the subtle energy channels or Nadis. Basically, hatha yoga is a deeper practice of yoga that emphasis on the physical body and then moves towards the more subtle body channels and helps in cultivating awareness. Generally, a typical hatha yoga class refers to slow-paced yoga classes where you have to hold a pose for a longer duration with a strong focus on alignment and breathing. If you are someone who enjoys relaxed practice that helps in tune with your inner self then hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is probably for you. The regular practice of hatha yoga makes you more happy, joyful, confident and calm in every situation.

Here are some amazing hatha yoga benefits

Make you flexible

In hatha yoga you have to hold the poses for a greater duration of time and for many times during your entire practice hence it stretches and lengthen them at the same time. This improves your flexibility and maintains a greater range of motion.

Improved balance and proprioception

Practicing hatha yoga regularly increases your balance as you have to hold a pose for a longer duration. Hatha yoga uses the power of breath to hold the pose for a longer duration and as we age our sense of balance weakens.  Through the systematic and regular practice of hatha yoga tune the support of muscle that improves the sense of balance and improves the ability to avoid fall.

Increased strength and core stability

Hatha yoga is one of the most effective practices to increase strength, especially in your core muscles as you have to hold the poses for longer duration hence increase their strength and stretch them as well. These are the muscles that help you to move swiftly and with control and breathe efficiently.

Improved strength in core muscles keep our spine healthy and make us more agile that helps us to perform daily activities and physical activities without getting tired easily.

Helps in maintaining healthy joints

Those who are suffering from stiff joint hatha yoga is probably the best form of yoga as it helps in flexing your joints to the fullest hence improved their mobility. By lengthening and stretching the muscle it breaks down the adhesion in the tissue that surrounded the joints hence strengthen the joints.

Improve immunity

Practicing hatha yoga increases the flow of blood and lymph in the body that improves the functioning of cells that dispose of body waste. And, improve the functioning of white blood cells that fights the foreign bacteria or virus and keep our body safe from any infection.

Improve sleep

Hatha yoga encourages you to focus on the breath that induces relaxation in your body and reduces tension in the body. Regular practice of hatha yoga calms your mind that helps in improving sleep quality. Apparently regular practices of hatha yoga increase the production of melatonin in your body that regulates your sleep cycles.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Hatha yoga is restorative in nature that promotes deep relaxation and calmness in the body. Hatha yoga combines the power of deep breathing with yoga postures that massage the internal organs, increase the blood flow, and stimulate the nervous system. Also, it reduces the production of cortisol that is a stress hormone and increases the production of endorphins hence relives you from stress and anxiety.

Healthy and glowing skin

Hatha yoga incorporates the practice of shatkriyas detox practice that cleanses your body from deep inside that helps the body to get rid of unwanted toxins that give a healthy glow to your skin.

Improves focus and mindfulness

Holding a pose for a longer duration make your body go out of your comfort zone and creates a sense of balance which further improves your concentration and focus. You become more mindful and aware of your body, the sensation, and emotions going inside your body. This further helps in creating self-discipline and overcoming addictions.

It prepares our body for meditation

Traditionally the first and foremost aim of hatha yoga is to prepare your body for seated meditation or dhyana that allows your body to get in touch with the inner state of your consciousness and allow you to reach higher consciousness.