Yoga for office worker

Corporate Yoga: Yoga for office worker and its benefits

Anyone who works in a corporate culture knows that sitting behind the desk and staring at a computer all day long is tiresome. Sitting for long hour leads to pain, and body aches creep into the body system. Sitting in the same posture leads to the stiffness in the shoulder and tension in the neck and back. Also, the corporate place is highly competitive; the pressure of meeting deadlines, workload stress can while balancing your personal life can lead to stress. Corporate Yoga offers a wonderful opportunity to deal with the stress and refresh your mind.

Yoga for office worker:

Corporate Yoga is a yoga program that is specially designed for the mental and physical wellbeing of employees working in the corporate sector. We live in a world where people have to work for long hours hunching over their laptop and even skip their meal to meet their deadlines. The concept of Yoga in the workplace is based on the holistic merits of Yoga; which will benefit employee to manage the stressful environment, maintain their physical wellbeing, and enhance their productivity.

Yoga can relieve neck, head and neck strain and high blood pressure and also improves your postures. There are some of the yoga poses which you can perform at your desk and improves your outlook for the rest of the day. 

Yoga poses like chair pigeon, sit and stand chair pose awaken your hamstring and glute muscle that weekend over the sitting in the chair.

Standing seal pose: This pose stretches your spine and legs muscle and opens the tightness the shoulder. It also creates harmony between heart and money and improves your function of the mind.

Wrist and finger stretch:

Working on the desk and working all day on the computer creates a tension in your finger, hand, and wrist. And this stretch can continue the blood flow throughout the day and decrease the tension between the days.

Eagle Arms:

 Eagle pose is best to prevent carpel tunnel syndrome, and it also strengthens the triceps, shoulder, and back muscle.

Restorative yoga pose:

 The workplace is the first and foremost place where the stress creeps first into our life, and it can hamper your personal life too. Allow you to unwind with some restorative yoga pose and work with a fresh mind.

Some key element to define the importance of Yoga at the workplace:

Prolong sitting is terrible for your health:

We all know about the growing tech work culture where all people are hunched on their laptop. They have to meet their deadline, work for their project, and other things. Though now offices are emphasizing on changing this culture by adding some refreshing changes to the office by doing some fun activities and providing open space work area. Still, it doesn’t change that fact that most people have to sit while doing work. Practicing Yoga for even 15 minutes at your break can refresh you and relax those stiff joints and save you from back, shoulder, and neck pain.

It makes you move:

When we sit for too long, it makes your body function slowly. Your circulation of blood in your spine, joints, and other organs become slow. Even your breathing becomes slow and shallow. Practicing Yoga keeps your body moving and restores your vital function and balances your hormone. Practicing Yoga also keeps your brain functioning, which can become slow after prolonged sitting; you can call it another side effect too.


It keeps stress away:

 yoga asana was meant to provide a comfortable seat for meditation with a focus for an extended period. According to the psychologist, even moving around your workplace can boost your creativity and productivity. A good and short yoga session or a meditation yoga classes in between your working hours for meditation helps you in clearing your mind. And, save you from a lot of stress that can incur in your life from your workplace.

Although we know, many corporate offices may not have a budget for in-office service of a certified yoga teacher. Still, it is essential to learn some yoga poses under the guidance of professional yoga teacher. You can even learn some basic yoga posture to practice and make you feel good about your health and commit to it every day. But if you can move to another space or even yoga teacher training provide you a good knowledge and a place to commit to you practice, and get a peace of mind.

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