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Best yoga asanas for flexible body

Appropriate stretching and expanding the flexibility of muscles and joints can help in your exercises. Being flexible can likewise enable you to stay away from damage and harm to muscles and different joints in the body, be that as it may usually be ignored by many individuals hoping to get fit and get thinner. They rather focus on cardio and weight training, avoiding the advantages that yoga and stretching can give. Practicing yoga for flexibility is an extraordinary method to maximize all the results you will get as you continue to improve your wellbeing.


First, place your hands at the back of your hips and lift your look, and recline that way. Lean back slightly and move your weight to the other side to get one heel with one hand. At that point curve your back a little, recline further, tilt your look up a bit higher, and reach back to get the other heel.

Janu sirsasana:

You may or may not able to touch your feet through this asana depending on your natural flexibility. Practicing this hamstring stretch 2-3 times a week can remarkably change your flexibility. Keep the back straight and level in this posture, since it will build the stretch in the hamstrings. It is better to avoid hunching over.

Upavistha konasana:

Unfold your legs as wide as you will whereas keeping them straight. Keep your hands on the ground before you, and start to lean forward at your hips, not your midriff. When you lean forward at your abdomen, you will finish up slouching your back. Keep your back as straight as possible. Hold that position for 30 seconds. This asana is very effective in stretching the muscle.

yoga improve flexibility


Keep your arms before you with your elbows twisted, and gradually ascend utilizing your shoulders & upper back then press down on the floor with your hands, trying to concentrate on lifting with your chest and upper back instead of giving your hands a chance to do everything. You will feel this stretch extraordinarily in your lower back. This is an extraordinary posture to heat the back for a portion of the more serious stretches.


The left leg ought to be at a 90-degree point, yet beginners should begin with it closer to the body. Your right leg ought to be straight out behind you. Press up through your hands to hold your shoulders back to extend the lower back as well. You will probably feel it in the front of your right hip too.

Adho mukha svanasana:

This is an incredible posture, to begin with, because it opens up the legs, shoulders, and chest before you get into a portion of the more profound stretches. Place your palms into your mat, and acquire the head a bit closer to the knees to expand the stretch in your shoulders and chest. This is one of the best Yoga stretches for beginners.

These are few asanas popularly practiced out of numerous yoga poses. Individuals are aiming to stretching practice yoga to improve flexibility.

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