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Best yoga asanas for flexible body

You have heard this from many people that yoga is only for flexible peoples or they are not flexible enough for yoga. It is one of the biggest misconceptions about yoga that only lean and flexible people can do it. Yoga can be done by anyone irrespective of their shape and size. However, studies have shown that maximum people start yoga to increase flexibility, and research also proves that it makes you flexible.

Appropriate stretching and expanding the flexibility of muscles and joints can help in your exercises. Being flexible can likewise enable you to stay away from damage and harm to muscles and different joints in the body. But it is usually be ignored by many individuals hoping to get fit and get thinner. They instead focus on cardio and weight training, avoiding the advantages that yoga and stretching can give. Practicing yoga for flexibility is an extraordinary method to maximize all the results you will get as you continue to improve your wellbeing

Uttanasana (standing forward fold):

Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. If you are, beginner then bend your knees a little, keep your hands on your hips. Now exhale and slowly bend you’re your upper torso forward from your hip joints. Keep your tail bone and hips little back. Now place your fingertips on the floor or beside your feet. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds gently lift your torso with inhalation.

This yoga poses one of the best types of yoga for flexibility. It stretches your hamstrings and lower back and also increase blood circulation in your head.

Janu Sirsasana (Head to knees pose):

You may or may not able to touch your feet through this asana depending on your natural flexibility. Practicing this hamstring stretch 2-3 times a week can remarkably change your flexibility. Keep the back straight and level in this posture, since it will build the stretch in the hamstrings. It is better to avoid hunching over.

Anjaneyasana (Crescent Pose):

Begin from downward-facing dog pose. Now breath and while you exhale step your right foot forward between your hands. Your knees should be aligned with your right foot. Now your front foot is flat on your yoga mat and left leg heel is lifted. Now inhale and raise your upper torso. When you feel stabilize, stretch your arms upwards towards the ceiling with your palms facing each other. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and repeat it with your left leg.

Crescent pose is one of the best yoga poses for flexibility and strength at the same time. While doing this yoga pose, you will strengthen your front leg as well as a stretch hip flexor of your back leg.

yoga improve flexibility

Bhujangasana ( Cobra pose):

Keep your arms before you with your elbows twisted, and gradually ascend utilizing your shoulders & upper back then press down on the floor with your hands, trying to concentrate on lifting with your chest and upper back instead of giving your hands a chance to do everything. You will feel this stretch extraordinarily in your lower back. This is an extraordinary posture to heat the back for a portion of the more serious stretches.

Kapotasana (Pigeon Pose): 

Come down on your knees, keep your spine erect. Now gently stretch your right leg in the backward direction. Keep stretching your right leg back until your left knee and foot become close to your hip, keep your toes pointed. Now inhale and bend forward and push your chest outwards. Hold this pose for till your comfort and changed the legs and repeat it.

Pigeon pose is the most challenging pose, and it is for advanced yogis. It stretches your hip flexors, quadriceps, and strengthens your core and your lower back. As we have mentioned above, this yoga pose comes under medium level and not for beginners. Hence, it is recommended to do this pose under the guidance of trained yoga teacher under 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Adho Mukha savasana (Downward facing dog pose):

This is an incredible posture, to begin with because it opens up the legs, shoulders, and chest before you get into a portion of the more profound stretches. Come down on your four; your knees should be in the line of your hips and palms under your shoulder. Now curl your toes and lift your knees off the floor keeping your tailbone towards the ceiling making an inverted ‘V”. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds and then release gently.

These are few asanas popularly practiced out of numerous yoga poses. But yoga is a whole mind-body approach, and that makes it unique and incredible.

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