Yoga Accessories to Satisfy the Yogi Souls

5 Best Yoga Accessories to Satisfy the Yogi Souls

The popularity of yoga worldwide has created a multi million yoga accessories industry dealing with yoga gear which cannot be tagged as completely nonessential. Companies are branding themselves to provide with specialised clothing, mats, gear bags, and sweat towels. While these add- ons at some point of time become essential but should not be the case of a mere show off. Remember that in the ancient Vedic period people were practising yoga on beds of leaves in a forest wearing nothing but only cotton dhotis. Although yoga accessories are required but important to remember that what the values and virtues of yoga and your awareness within.

Yoga Accessories to Satisfy the Yogi Souls

Let us see the best yoga accessories

  1. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is the essential part of the yoga practice; a lot is dependent on the yoga mat for the completion of many lying down poses as well as standing poses. It should be able to give a proper friction, coverage, and comfort. Avoid buying mats that are too lightweight and should have cushioned spots for better practice. No need to buy the luxury super fancy and heavy on the pocket mat a good traditional yoga mat will also full fill the yoga accessories list.

  1. Yoga Legging or pants with a pocket

Yoga leggings are the second important thing a hardcore regular practitioner of yoga should have. It should be of good breathable cotton and should render the purpose of stretch ability and absorb the sweat required for the poses. If you have the leggings with pockets on both the sides’ than it’s an added benefit for convenience.

  1. A good speaker

A Bluetooth speaker to play soulful tunes and music while practising pranayama and meditation is a good idea if you are focusing more on the home practice of yoga. Music can alleviate your zest for doing the practice in daily routine.

  1. Yoga block strap or cushion

These all the forms of props which can enhance your daily practice and can spice it up. Yoga blocks or cushions are a great prop to keep at home or you can incorporate them into a personal space practice or use at the yoga studio. They can be used for multiple purposes like stretching bending pushing and gravity etc, be sure to keep them close by to help lengthen, extend, deepen, and soften. They should be flexible and accessible enough to provide you with the comfort.

  1. A yoga bag

In the last, you need a good spacious bag to keep all your toiletries towel extra pair of pants your money and phone.

Here is the article, we tried to discuss best yoga accessories in 2019 that could be in the trend in the following year. All you need to do is follow up this yoga accessories list to ensure that you are not missing out any of the things for your yoga practice. Now, you are all set to have the best yoga day to maintain your health.

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