200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala


200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala

200 hours yoga teacher training in dharamsala india

Yoga is considered to be the most ancient spiritual practice of health and science that is originated in the lands of India. It has emerged as one of the holistic and unique disciplines of health practice that can be used as both preventive and curative measures. Yoga has been proved to be harmonizing the physical body, spirit, and mind. It has promoted an overall sense of well-being and peace.

There are many schools in the world where programs for teacher training are being provided. Yoga teacher training programs in Rishikesh Yog Mandir. Individuals can obtain certification after the completion of yoga training. Being the most reputed yoga schools in India, it has best yoga teachers who have a great deal of experience in this field for many years.

Rishikesh Yog Mandir offers 200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala that not only provides in-depth and profound knowledge of this ancient form of health and spiritual practice along with its branches but also assist in analyzing the different conventional texts. The 200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala India is designed with the intention of developing the exact form and skills of Yoga practice.

This helps in gaining more hold on the postures and increasing strength and agility in the body. Further, these courses help in learning the most basic concepts of yoga asanas which is necessary for effective practice. The 200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala India that Rishikesh Yog Mandir offers has the most basic learning of the asanas. This program is meant to be completed for beginners and intermediate yogis before going to the advanced level of yoga training.

Highlights of 200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala

At Rishikesh Yog Mandir, there are experienced trainers who impart yoga training to the individuals interested in the program. There is the inclusion of the in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Hatha Yoga course in Dharamsala and its divisions which are Asana, Shatkriya, Mudra, Pranayam, Samadhi, and Bandha.

Along with learning perfect asanas and postures, the yoga teacher training program that we offer also revolve around different styles of Chandra or Surya Namaskar, mantras for opening and closing asanas. Here, we have also devised the yoga ttc in Dharamsala with the inclusion of Pranayam structures such as Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Mudras, Bandhas, Sheetali and many more.

These aspects are included in the program by considering the individuals who have the desire of creating and a Yoga organization of their own and develop their skills. Rishikesh Yog Mandir is a yoga center in Dharamsala is reputed due to its high quality and one of the best yoga teacher training in Dharamsala as we have internationally recognized and experienced trainers of Yoga who enable the individuals in recognizing and finding their voice to be an aspiring trainer.

The yoga teacher training India that we provide here are conducted in a very casual, dynamic and fun atmosphere that also include the Yogic convention. We ensure that all the individuals coming to us for getting trained in these courses are learning the skills in the best possible way.

Course Content

  • 200 hour yoga teacher training rishikeshYogic discussions
  • 300 hour yoga teacher training rishikeshHatha yoga workshops
  • 500 hour yoga teacher training rishikeshGuided meditation sessions
  • meditation yoga teacher training rishikeshDeep pranayama
  • Yoga retreats in Rishikesh Breath work
  • Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training RishikeshYoga philosophy
  • Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training RishikeshAnatomy Classes
200 hour yoga teacher training in dharamsala
200 hour yoga teacher training in dharamsala

200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala - Schedule

200 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala
Start Date End Date Fee Status Apply
4th April 2018 30th April 2018 1500 USD Open Apply
3rd May 2018 29th May 2018 1500 USD Open Apply
2nd June 2018 28th June 2018 1500 USD Open Apply
3rd July 2018 29th July 2018 1500 USD Open Apply
3rd August 2018 29th August 2018 1500 USD Open Apply
3rd September 2018 29th September 2018 1500 USD Open Apply

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala - Daily Schedule

Daily Timings Monday - Saturday
07:00 a.m Pranayama, mantra chanting, guided meditation, and breathing practice
08:30 am Alignment based Hatha Yoga Class (Iyengar Style) including everyday asana practice of standing postures, forward bending, back bending, inversions, twisting and more
10:30 am Breakfast (traditional Indian or your choice of vegetarian breakfast)
11:00 am Class on yoga philosophy or anatomy (lectures on Indian mythology, chakra healing, mantra healing and more)
12:00 pm Class on the art of teaching with experienced yoga practitioners
13:00 pm Lunch, rest and personal study time to gather additional knowhow on yoga and spirituality
15:00 pm Lecture anatomy or philosophy (detailed talks on yoga anatomy and physiology)
16:30 pm Hatha Yoga Class (Iyengar Style) covering yoga practice of multiple asanas.
18:30 pm Occasional evening breathing meditation sessions with yoga trainers
20:00 pm Dinner and free time to pursue personal hobbies and group interactions
22:00 pm Early bedtime after successful day of 200 hours YTT course.

Included and Not Included in Course Package Fee



yoga school in rishikesh

Yoga props.

yoga school in rishikesh

We provide basic facilities during the entire course which are included in the course fees.

Not Included:

yoga school in rishikesh

Airport pick up and drop or any local transportation.

yoga school in rishikesh

Air conditioner or heater.

yoga school in rishikesh

Luxury items or facilities.

Accommodation and Food Details



yoga school in rishikesh

Lodging facilities..

yoga school in rishikesh

Bedding and pillows.

yoga school in rishikesh


Food :

yoga school in rishikesh

Completely vegetarian, vegan and satvik food.

yoga school in rishikesh

Our food items also include herbal and green teas.

How to Apply:


AYM Yoga School,
Vilage: Bhagsunag, Dharamshala,
Kangara, 17629